PUBG Mobile Hack [Wall Hack, Aimbot, Anti-Ban]

PUBG Mobile Hack: Hello, PUBG Lovers here you will find all of PUBG Mobile Hack. Most the player prefers to play hacked games. There could be many reasons, That’s why you want a cheated version of this game. Personally, When I was pushing my rank and some hacker come and destroy my squad I know the pain then I also decided to use the hack in PUBG. You can use these to kill all those hackers who destroy the rank pushing of innocent players. Well, Let’s move on to the topic-

PUBG Mobile Hack

PUBG may be a very fashionable online Battle game during which you’ve got to struggle for your survival by fighting together with your enemies. People lately want to explore various features of this game and for that, they appear for PUBG mobile hack. within the beginning of this game, you’re landed on an island where you’re empty-handed. The player looks for the weapons for survival and also to kill his enemies.

Like other games, PUBG Mobile can be also hacked. To play this game with unlimited features you would like to use mobile hacks. These hacks help the player to play employing a number of cheats. The player gets unlimited health and isn’t hurt through the attack of enemies. These hacks add thrill during this game because you’re at Liberty e to try to whatever you wish during this game. Playing the first game becomes difficult because sometimes you run out of ammunition or get headshots but using these hacks you’ll play with unlimited weapons that never run out.

Features of This PUBG Hack

This is the PUBG Moded version so all the features all available in this hack-

  • Unlimited UC
  • Anti Ban
  • No Recoil
  • No Root
  • Wallhack
  • Aimbot

Unlimited UC

I know all players are not able to purchase PUBG Royal Pass. Unlimited UC hack can give as much UC you want. You can use those Unknown Cash money to purchase the royal pass and open some premium crate to get the legendary Car, bike, skins.

Anti Ban

This mode will protect you from being banned. Anti Ban assured that there 99.9 % chance that you will not get banned. But As you know PUBG frequently update and release some new patches to improve their security. So keep update with the PUBG algorithm and also update the PUBG Hack also.

No Recoil

Recoil means When you shoot to the enemy and continue fires so your aim goes upward, and you use many things to control your recoil. Use this hack and your recoil will not move once inch. It will make your aim so accurate and the enemy will be knocked down by 3 or 4 bullets.

No Root

Many PUBG mobile hacks required to rooted phones. This mod hack will run on any phone and you need not worry to root your phone. This can also run on the non-rooted phone also


This is the another feature of this hack. While you are playing the game with this hack you can see all enemy through the wall and those enemy who are snake on the ground.


Aimbot hack means connecting all shots on the enemy head without missing any ammo. In this hack, you find the aimbot feature. With help of aimbot. You became a pro player.In this application, you find the aimbot feature.

Download Hack

File Size- 46Mb

Download APK File Click Here

File Size- 1.5GB

Download Obb File Click Here

How To Install PUBG Hack

Now, You have downloaded the APK file and the Obb file from given link above.

Follow the below steps to install the hack-

  1. First you will have to unistall the normal version of PUBG
  2. Now go to setting and enable the Unkown source.
  3. Now install the mod version apk.
  4. Now copy the Obb file and take to File Manager>Android>Obb>com.tencent.ig and past here
  5. Now open the PUBG and create a new account, Don’t use your old account because of there chances of being ban.


Don’t use your old PUBG id to test this hack. Because PUBG always update their version so you could be ban. If you use your main ID so we are not responsible for any ban.