Tips For Playing PUBG like a Pro Player

- Achieve a Chicken Dinner at PUBG Mobile with these pro player-style tips!
- The chances of winning are even greater if you play with a smartphone with the best specifications!

The presence of the battle royale game has succeeded in attracting the attention of video game lovers around the world. In the realm of mobile, one of the most loved games is PUBG Mobile. In Indonesia, this game made by Tencent has been downloaded 100 million times on the PlayStore.

With a competitive game style, PUBG Mobile is also one of the games that is busy competing in the esports arena. This game has also become a mandatory division in every esports team in Indonesia. For example, EVOS Esports, RRQ, ONIC, and Bigetron with their Red Alien squad who won the PMCO Fall Split Global Final 2019.

Choose the Right Landing Place

At the beginning of the game, you will be on a plane with 99 other people. The flight route is different every time a match. Before jumping, it is recommended that you look at the map while in the loading room to see the direction of the plane. Furthermore, you can determine your landing point.

Try to get off where there are lots of houses. This will make it easier for you to boot. However, keep in mind, in one game you will face many players. So, it’s possible that the place you are targeting will also have enemies nearby.

This method is also used by him, who is a pro player who has defended Bigetron. The player who now has his own esports team called Zone Esports even takes into account the right position to jump off the plane. Rahmad also said to keep the speed down by 234 km / hour.

Smarter Looting is Better

Looting is crucial in the PUBG Mobile game. The reason is, this is when you equip yourself with your mainstay weapons. So, you have to quickly loot so that if you meet an enemy you can fight back.

In looting, you have to be careful about what items you have to take. Don’t fill the bag with useless items. Be smart in managing bags with useful items, such as bullets used by Med Kit, First Aid Kit, Energy Drink, and Bandage.

However, the items you need to find first are weapons, helmets, vests, and bags. Don’t forget to bag some throwable weapons such as Grenade and Smoke.

If you have ever watched the Bigetron RA team play, Zuxyy as the first takes a weapon to be able to protect himself from attacks. Take whatever weapons are near you. This is done if there are enemies who come down at the same place.

Understand the Characteristics of Each Weapon

In the PUBG Mobile game, there are many types of weapons contained in it. Each weapon has a category, for example Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Submachine Gun (SMG), and pistols. There is also a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), and a Bolt-Action Rifle which can be or commonly referred to as a sniper.

As a professional PUBG Mobile player who has defended Victim Esports, Viel shares tips for maximizing the game, namely memorizing all the characteristics of weapons. Not only weapon categories in general, the most important thing is to understand the specifications of the weapons that match your game.

As a long-range shooter, Viel faces a large selection of sniper weapons. By recognizing the intricacies of each weapon, Viel was able to quickly get around the battle.

Don’t Stay in One Place

If you have prepared all supplies, immediately move to find the whereabouts of the enemy. However, remember, don’t focus too much on running. Stay aware of your surroundings, in case the enemy is nearby and will see you.

To be able to move in a safe way, you can take advantage of the cars or motorbikes that are nearby. Not only that, you can also avoid the zone that is getting smaller and smaller. Keep in mind, you also have to adjust your position so that it is not seen by the enemy.

Can play with four people at once, you can also share tasks with teammates. If you want to make movements, order one of your friends who is positioned as a sniper to monitor the security around you. You see, a sniper is usually equipped with a large scope, such as 8x or 6x. This is also done by Viel from Victim Esports to open up the vision for her colleagues.

Stay Calm and Don’t Panic

Panic is a “disease” that often affects gamers with a high level of competition. In PUBG Mobile, there must be times when you meet enemies suddenly. If you panic, you might die in vain. A continuous shot will be useless because you are no longer focused on shooting at the vital parts of the enemy.

To get around this, you have to play regularly so that you no longer feel nervous and panic when faced with enemies. In order to shoot accurately and quickly, you can take advantage of the training room in PUBG Mobile. There are various weapons and accessories there.

For novice players, try to take advantage of Squad mode. The reason is, there will be someone who will cover your movements as the role played by Onid, one of the former players from Victim Esports. In Squad mode, you don’t have to be good at shooting. However, you will train to be more calm in reading the situation and conditions on the battlefield.

Acting as a cover at PUBG Mobile, Onid has the task of escorting teammates in making movements or team fights. Onid is also required to be sensitive to the situation of his team.

Monitor and listen carefully

In order to be the winner in this game and win the Chicken Dinner, you are expected to be the last person in the match. Therefore, you are advised to use a headset to hear footsteps from nearby enemies.

Use a scope so that you can better monitor the presence or movement of enemies. In this game, there are various scopes that you can use, such as 8x to use a sniper, 6x, 4x, 2x, and red dot for close range. It’s best if you have more than one scope just in case. Therefore, Bohohoo The Pillar Slayer emphasizes that you first understand the types of weapons and scopes in the game made by Tencent.

Are you ready to be the champion of PUBG Mobile? In addition to the various pro player-style tips above, another thing that shouldn’t be forgotten is paying attention to the specifications of the smartphone you are using. Of course, you need a mobile device that can support stability because this game requires a large RAM and memory capacity.

Therefore, KINCIR also recommends the Samsung Galaxy S20 +. In this latest Samsung flagship, 12GB of RAM is installed and up to 512GB of memory. By using this smartphone, you don’t need to worry about feeling lagging in matches.

Not only that, the sensitivity and screen on this smartphone will also affect your game. The reason is, the Samsung Galaxy S20 + is equipped with a 6.7-inch screen which will make your view wider. You also don’t need to be afraid of running out of battery, this flagship has also been supported by 25 Watt fast charging technology and a battery capacity of 4,500 maH.

How do you respond to the tips for playing PUBG Mobile a la pro player above? If there are other strategies that you use, feel free to share them in the comments column below. Stay tuned for KINCIR for information, recommendations, and other tips about PUBG Mobile and other exciting games!


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