In the past few years, games with the battle royale genre have dominated the market. With a fighting concept that requires players to survive, it’s no wonder that games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the like are so loved, regardless of what platform it is. So, to keep this hype from going away, there is a new game that has just been announced, namely PUBG New State!

The games that come with mini teasers in various communities have certainly shocked the world of gaming around the world, especially for gamers who mostly play via smartphones.

Then, what are the differences between PUBG New State and most other battle royale games? Check out his writing below about what PUBG New State is.

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  1. PUBG New State Held by Krafton
  2. PUBG New State Exclusive for Mobile
  3. PUBG New State is Staying as Next-gen Battle Royale
  4. New State Using Map Sized 8 × 8
  5. More Advanced Weapons and Vehicles
  6. New In-game Weapon Customizations at PUBG New State
  7. Gunplay that is Much More Realistic and Dynamic in PUBG New State
  8. Use of Ultra-Realistic New State Graphics
  9. PUBG New State Has Opened a Pre-Register Session

PUBG New State Held by Krafton

The most obvious difference from this game compared to PUBG Mobile is the developer. If the prequel was developed by Tencent Games, the new game will be held by Krafton instead.

Krafton itself is the developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which is available on PC and consoles. No wonder the PUBG New State is predicted to be more massive than its predecessor, it could even offer the same experience as playing PUBG on PC or console.

Like its predecessor, PUBG New State is fully present for mobile devices. So, for gamers who often play with Android and iOS smartphones, you should be happy.

Even so, Krafton itself has not provided additional information regarding general specifications for running this game. For those of you who want to play the sequel to PUBG Mobile, try to have the specs of your smartphone that are strong enough to run a variety of current games to make it safer when this game is released later.

New State Appears as the Expansion of the PUBG Mobile Universe

The use of the PUBG New State name itself is not without reason. According to the announce trailer, the game is positioned to expand the already built universe from previous battle royale games.

Players will be placed years after PUBG Mobile, to be precise in 2051. In the future, the government tends to be anarchic and makes various groups fight each other. So don’t be surprised if you play this game later, everything will look really futuristic.

PUBG New State is staying as the Next-gen Battle Royale

Positioned as a sequel, PUBG New State will certainly present a much more sophisticated battle royale game. In it there will be lots of features that will be useful to help players stay afloat to the end.

Set in the future, you will find various tools, including drones which are very popular in war-themed games.

Not only that, the actions you take are also increasingly diverse, such as the appearance of combat rolls that will make the character’s movement agile in order to avoid endless enemy attacks.

New State Uses an 8 × 8 Map

Like Miramar and Erangel available on PUBG Mobile, the sequel also presents a map with a size of 8 × 8 km. This is what makes the 100-person battle royale so vast.

With the vast terrain presented in PUBG New State, players, both alone and in teams, can do many things to survive until the end of the game. There will be lots of strategies that can be done for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

More Advanced Weapons and Vehicles

Set in the future, of course PUBG New State also has a variety of weapons that are far more sophisticated than the prequel. From the trailer itself, you can use basic weapons such as assault rifles and frag grenades that have appeared in similar battle royale games.

To support the survival of the player, there are various other options that can be deployed while playing, one of which is an iron shield that can be opened anywhere.

In addition, in order to adjust to the future background, the vehicles presented in the PUBG Mobile sequel also tend to be more modern. Besides the SUV that has appeared before, there is a sports car that players can use for exploration while the gameplay is in progress.

New In-game Weapon Customization at PUBG New State

In addition to keeping the spirit of the battle royale in it, this new game doesn’t forget to embed a variety of new features that will enrich gameplay. One of them is the in-game weapon customization which makes it a major upgrade from PUBG Mobile.

This causes players in PUBG New State to customize the various weapons they have while the game is running. Players can install or remove various auxiliary weapons, such as a suitable additional scope if you want to increase accuracy when shooting against enemies in the battlefield.

Much More Realistic and Dynamic Gunplay at PUBG New State

As a major upgrade from its predecessor, PUBG New State also presents a much more realistic and dynamic gunplay as the core in the game. This aspect is supported thanks to the appearance of various features that support survival in it.

Even though it still carries both third-person and first-person cameras when holding firearms, this game provides an over the shoulder camera option that has been found in various war-themed games.

Therefore, there are more choices when the game is in progress which will make the experience even more fun but still challenging.

Use of Ultra-Realistic New State Graphics

PUBG Mobile itself provides relatively good graphics when played. Although not as beautiful as the PC and console versions, surviving in a battle royale feels very realistic. This aspect was later overhauled in the sequel.

PUBG New State uses Global Illumination technology, which is predicted to be able to provide very realistic graphics. The use of this technology is also able to break the boundaries of today’s mobile gaming. The use of sophisticated graphics is believed to be able to make the survival experience even more real.

PUBG New State Has Opened a Pre-Register Session

Starting last February 25, Krafton has opened a pre-register session to the public.

This opening can be done if players want to be at the forefront of trying out this battle royale themed game when it has officially launched on various official app stores and has the opportunity to get a futuristic vehicle skin.

However, this pre-register session is temporarily only available for Android smartphone users. As for iOS device users, you need to be patient and stay up to date with the latest news from this game so you don’t miss the sensational sequel to PUBG Mobile that will hit the mobile battle royale.

Those are the important details and features that will appear at PUBG New State so far. With the variety of things offered in it, the game will be very popular and widely played, especially when it is released later.

To prepare for the official release, try checking the official website and various social media so you don’t miss the updates. Don’t forget to also prepare the device that you will use to play PUBG New State.

Try to use a device with a high enough capability for gaming so that the experience is much more immersive and has minimal lag when playing later.

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