PUBG Mobile Season 18 has officially started today (17 March 2021). Apart from starting a new season called Hundred Rythms, Royale Pass Season 18 can also be purchased which offers various attractive prizes.

The Royale Pass has 2 variants, Free Pass and Elite Pass. The Elite Pass is priced at 600UC but has a much more attractive prize. There are 100 ranks that must be unlocked by players by completing RP Missions. Each rank will unlock new rewards for Elite Pass owners.

At rank 100, you can get a Violin Music Set and a Kar98K skin. At rank 50, there are 2 sets of character skins to choose from and an AUG skin. In addition, there are many other skins and emotes that can be obtained through the Royale Pass this time.

You can also buy RP Activity Packs to speed up your RP ranks faster. Apart from that, you also get a “Mission Activity Point” option which will give you a UC “cashback”.

For those of you who have more funds, there is also a choice of the Elite Pass Plus Version which costs 1800UC. This package offers an Elite Pass plus exclusive prizes and takes you straight to rank 25.

PUBG Mobile will also celebrate its third anniversary this season. On March 21st, you will be treated to a music celebration at the lobby game and esports center. There are several guest stars who will join the celebration, including DJ Alesso from Sweden.

Oh yes, lastly, for those of you who are still curious about the complete PUBG Mobile scheme in US