PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in Indonesia with the type of Battle Royale which presents intense battles with 100 other players. In the PUBG Mobile game, many systems and items are so exclusive that players want to get them. Seeing this, PUBG Mobile also created a Royale Pass system where now players can get season-exclusive items that can be unlocked by obtaining certain levels.

To reach a certain level, PUBG Mobile itself will provide a mission where the mission will reward you with a Royale Point which will later increase to a level. 100 Royale Points is the same as 1 level, where each level will have various prizes, ranging from clothing items, weapon skins, portable closets, and several other items.

Actually there is an easy way to level up the Royale Pass without having to do the missions in the game, namely by buying Royale Points in the Shop for 100 UC Cash per level.

This time the KotGa crew will give you tips on how you can reach a maximum level of 100 Royale Pass without having to buy UC Cash.

Mengerjakan Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission adalah misi yang diberikan dengan 50 poin untuk 4 misi Royale Pass biasa dan 100 poin untuk Royale Pass Elite yang hanya bisa kalian akses jika kalian sudah membeli Royale Pass Elite seharga 600 UC atau bisa memilih yang satunya seharga 1600 UC dan kalian sudah langsung berada di level 25.

Misinya akan sangat bervariatif, seperti membunuh musuh menggunakan senjata tertentu, terjun di daerah tertentu, atau mengkoleksi item tertentu di dalam game. Misi ini akan update setiap minggunya ada 6 misi dengan hadiah 50 poin dan 4 misi dengan hadiah 100 poin, yang artinya ada 700 poin setiap minggunya yang dapat kalian peroleh.

Jika dalam rentang waktu Royale Pass adalah 8 minggu, itu artinya kalian dalam misi mendapatkan total sekitar 5600 poin atau sekitar 56 Level yang artinya kalian sudah mencapai setengah dari total 100 level yang ditawarkan oleh game ini. Agar kamu bisa dengan mudah dapat mengerjakan misi ini Kru KotGa juga udah menyiapkan tips untuk kamu.

Daily Mission

This is a daily mission with a total of 40 points, divided into 2 sessions the first login will get 10 points plus various missions with an additional 30 points. If you play the full game for 8 weeks and complete all the missions, you will get around 2240 points or about 22 levels. If you add it to the result level of the Challenge Mission, you will get around 78 levels, only less than 22 of the 100 existing levels.

So it is certain that if you are more diligent in playing, you can enjoy all the items and skins in the Royale Pass, only it takes about a quarter of the total existing levels.

Mission Event

Now, this one is a little different, the points you will get here are very small, between 5-10 points, and the progress of the mission also varies and varies each week. Like the total Clan Points, the total Royale Points you get, or even your survival minutes in one match. This mission is also restarted every day, if it is assumed that you can get 5 excuse points and 35 points in a week to get a total of 280 points, you will get 2 levels in 1 Royale Pass session, it’s a bit of a hitch.

But in one week there are also those who give 10 points so it could be in 1 event royale pass 420 or 4 levels. The total level that you can get maybe around 82 levels from a total of 100 levels.

Monday Mission

For this one, you can only redeem on Monday with points between 15 points to 30 points. This mission only requires you to log in on Monday and will be able to redeem it directly, and this point will be restarted every week.

So in a vulnerable Royale Pass time of only 4 weeks, you will get around 180 points or about 2 levels, so in this session you will arrive at level 84.

Crate Royale Pass

This crate is restarted every week, with a prize of 200 Royale Points and the way to open it is that you have to complete 10 missions from the Challenge Mission or Daily Mission, and later this box will open, and one thing must be finished before a week because if before that the box will be reset with itself.

With a 200 Royale Points prize, in the time span of the Royale Pass you will get around 1600 Points or 16 levels, and if you total it with the previous level you will get a total level of 100 and can get all the Royale Pass prizes in that season.

Every time you use a Crate you will get 10 Royale Points so if you open 10 Crate you will get 100 Royale Points, but why have more Royale Points? You can exchange the excess remaining Royale Points into exclusive items in the redeem panel.

Although not all items can be purchased with Royale Points, at least there will be exclusive items that you can buy with Royale Points, like in Season 5, you can exchange them for things such as Frames or Roaring Dragon or Dragon Hunter skins.

Or you can also exchange it for Dragon’s Treasure Crate which contains exclusive items that you can only get in Season 5. If you reach level 100, not only will you get all the items you have, but you will get 600 UC again to buy the Royale Pass next season, so you don’t have to lose to buy the Royale Pass.

In addition, you can also get M429 weapon skins if you successfully complete the 3 Season Royale Pass with a maximum level of Level 100.