Getting ready! PUBG 2 will be released in the near future

Rumors about the presence of PUBG 2 seem to be getting real. You see, there is the latest news about its development through press relations published by Krafton. The game development company from South Korea is intensively detailing what will be in PUBG 2 and its license.

You see, so far the PUBG title is owned by PUBG Corp, which was developed by Blue Hole on PC. Then, Tencent entered the industry to release its mobile version in 2016. Gonogini, about the copyright for the mobile version, is still in the hands of Tencent, but it looks like Krafton wants to get back in control by releasing PUBG 2.

Reporting from a Krafton press release, the title of PUBG 2 will be entirely in their hands. The concept of independence is being worked on with the title #projectXTRM. Since early 2020 yesterday, Krafton has started the project mysteriously. Until finally the rumors about PUBG 2 surfaced to the public at the end of 2020 yesterday.

From the Twitter post @PlayerIGN, Krafton is increasingly interested in making PUBG 2. In fact, at the end of 2020 there was a big update on PUBG Mobile. Then, the news about PUBG 2 is likely to confuse the public. Will the game bring new things or not? You see, players are familiar with everything on PUBG Mobile or PC.

From this press release, what will definitely emerge is a cross-platform feature that will bring together mobile, console, and PC players. From this feature alone, players must adapt again. The problem is that there will be many impacts for various aspects including the PUBG esports scene. So far, players in the mobile realm are used to fighting players on the same platform. Will there be a tournament that combines all the players?

For detailed certainty, further confirmation is needed, but until now there has been no latest news other than the release schedule which is planned to be present in March 2021.

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