5 Tips for Perfect Chicken Dinner When Playing Solo on PUBG Mobile

Talking about the most phenomenal mobile games throughout 2018 will indeed have no end. Yep, PUBG Mobile is the most downloaded game in more than 100 countries. This battle-royale genre game is played by 100 players for each battle. The choice of playing modes also consists of solo, duo or squad modes. As the number of players increases, the difficulty of the game level increases, especially if you choose the solo mode. One of the drawbacks, there is no one to help when you are dying and need to be revived.

Don’t worry, we have some tips for you to have a Chicken Dinner or at least survive longer when playing solo. Immediately check the following tips!

Master the weapons and survival kit

It is important to know the basics about survival equipment, take time to the training ground to find out the reload time of each weapon and the time it takes to apply the medical kit and boosting and the right time to throw a grenade. Usually, the most preferred weapon is the M416 or AWM. But there are also players who prefer to use snipers. Back again to how to play each. Oh yes, also know the right attachment for each weapon to maximize the time of use. Don’t be happy right away when you find an 8x scope, because it’s not necessarily the weapon you use that can be applied to the scope!

Memorize Map? AutoWin!

It’s not only the selection of the landing place that is important in solo play. Another important thing is that you need to memorize the area in the map, know common places for looting and camping, and think like your opponent what they will do in general and where he will go.

Many players don’t realize that they all do repetition when looting such as which room he goes first or when rushing players tend to enter through the window, so we are better off waiting for him in front of the window than waiting behind the door, think like your opponent and you will know what they usually do and how to anticipate it.

Choose clothes to be right!

In general player settings, usually clothes with a dark atmosphere are more supportive of you to adjust to the game environment than clothes with light shades, so adjust the clothes you wear with the environment map you choose. In addition, usually pro players tend to use high resolution which makes players with dark clothes more difficult to detect because of the shadowing effect of the environment. Then choose clothes that are not too flashy to support you when camping / looting or scouting enemy areas.

It is important to set the auto loot setting

Maybe rarely anyone knows about how to set auto pickup looting and what does it do to play? So before we go to how to do the settings, let’s first understand its function. The auto pick up facility in PUBG Mobile allows players to automatically loot items without having to tap on the item. Now sometimes in a condition while playing, maybe you have been the target of shooting while looting because you are confused about which item to take or when you are in the right position to finish off your enemy, you just realize your ammunition is inadequate. It could also be that during an intense game, you just realized you don’t have enough medical kits or the right grenade supplies so you have to run away from the fight.
There are times when sometimes you just realize that the bandage you take is 30 in number, which is quite space-consuming and too much to carry.

Now by setting this auto pick up, you can determine what items you should bring and pick up automatically and can maximize the game. The trick is simply to go to settings and select auto pickup then you will find the maximum ammo settings for each weapon, the number of grenades you need to take, the number of medical kits you must take. That way you don’t have to worry about picking up the wrong item again.

More practice

The journey to becoming a pro is not easy, even for pro players even if they do a lot of intensive and measured training and regular evaluation of their stats and minimize mistakes while playing. It takes high flying hours to become an expert in this game.

To become a Pro Player you also need to learn directly from the Pro Player. Is there anyone here who feels that they’ve often watched Pro Player’s gameplay on YouTube but how come they’re not good at it? That’s because just watching is not enough, you really need to play with the experts. Eh but to be able to play with Pro Player where can I find it? try to find it at lima media group digital marketing agency terbaik di indonesia